Paradise Lost


Cast of Characters

Satan: Formerly Lucifer, God’s highest archangel, now fallen from Heaven and from God’s grace. He leads a rebellion of other fallen angels against Heaven, and is later responsible for the fall of Adam and Eve.

God: The all-powerful, all-seeing creator of all things who resides in Heaven. God knows that mankind will fall, but does not intervene because He wants man to have free will. He creates his Son in order for mankind to be redeemed through the Son’s atonement.

The Son: One of the Trinitarian aspects of God, later incarnated as Jesus Christ. Satan’s envy of the Son incites his rebellion against God. The Son ultimately defeats Satan’s attack on Heaven, casting him and his forces into Hell. The Son, who embodies the merciful aspect of God, later redeems mankind by sacrificing himself to Death.

Adam: The father of humankind, created by God after Satan’s rebellion is defeated. Adam’s passion for Eve leads him to join her in eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, after which they are both cast out of Eden.

Eve: The mother of humankind, made from Adam’s rib to be his companion. Satan tempts her into eating from the Tree of Knowledge, in defiance of God’s command, and she in turn convinces Adam to eat from the forbidden tree in order to remain with her.

Sin: Daughter of Satan who guards the gates of Hell. Sin was born from Satan’s head as a result of his envy of the Son. A beautiful woman from the waist up, from the waist down she is a serpent ringed about by Hell Hounds who pass in and out of her womb.

Death: Son of Satan, product of incest between Satan and his daughter, Sin. Death also commits incest with Sin, spawning the Hell Hounds that surround her.

The Devils

Beelzebub: Second-in-command to Satan. Like Satan, he is wily and...

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