Paradise Lost


Discussion Questions

1. Some critics, including the poets Blake and Shelley, have argued that Satan is the true hero of Paradise Lost. Do you agree or disagree? Consider Milton’s overall intention in creating the poem. What might motivate readers to see Satan as a protagonist? Discuss evidence on each side of the argument.

2. The concept of free will is an important theme in Paradise Lost. In your own words, describe what it means to have free will. In Book 3, God explains to the Son why he has given man free will. What is God’s reasoning? In your opinion, is God’s punishment of Adam and Eve just, considering that he has given them free will?

3. Examine how Paradise Lost portrays the differences between men and women, in terms of their natures and their appropriate roles. In your opinion, is it fair to consider Milton’s portrayal of gender differences misogynistic? Why or why not?

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