Moby Dick


Key Facts

Title:  Moby Dick, or The Whale

Author: Herman Melville

Original language: English

Type of book: Novel

Genre: Literary fiction, tragedy, epic

Written in: Massachusetts and New York City, 1850-1851

First published: 1851

Narrator: Ishmael, a sailor on Captain Ahab’s ship, the Pequod.

Point of view: First-person limited from Ishmael’s perspective. At times, Ishmael also presents the thoughts of other characters based upon his own speculations, in first-person or third-person. However, he is not an omniscient narrator.

Tense: Past

Set in: The Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans, primarily aboard a vessel named the Pequod, during the mid-19th century (1830s or 1840s).

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