Moby Dick


Cast of Characters

Ishmael: The narrator of Moby Dick, Ishmael is a thoughtful, observant young man with a profound curiosity about human nature, the sea, and the world of whaling. He writes the story many years after the main events, interlacing his narrative with the extensive information he has gained over the years about whales and life aboard a whaling vessel.

Ahab: The central figure of the novel, Ahab is the captain of a whaling ship called the Pequod. His unwavering obsession with revenge upon Moby Dick leads to his death and the death of his entire crew.

Moby Dick: The sperm whale who bit off Ahab’s leg and who appears to act with intelligent cunning in his attacks on whalers. A massive white whale with a wrinkled brow, he inspires terror in the hearts of whalers, most of whom deem him impossible to catch.

Queequeg: A harpooner from a South Pacific island who becomes Ishmael’s best friend. He is strong, loyal, and brave; his relationship with Ishmael supports the themes of brotherly love and embracing diversity.

Starbuck: First mate on the Pequod and the only member of the crew to openly question Ahab’s mission of revenge. Starbuck develops a respect for the captain’s strong spirit but pleads with him until the end to abandon the doomed hunt for Moby Dick.

Stubb: The Pequod’s second mate. He jokes constantly and tries to maintain a happy-go-lucky attitude. His jokes, however, are sometimes offensive and mean. Stubb admires Ahab’s strong will and determination.

Flask: The third mate aboard the Pequod.

Fedallah: Ahab’s personal harpooner and prophet. He accurately foresees his own death as well as Ahab’s, but never dissuades Ahab from his quest.

Pip: A young cabin boy who goes mad after being cast away at sea for several days. Ahab develops a pitying...

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