Moby Dick


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1. Why does Ishmael decide to go on his first whaling voyage?

          A. He is fleeing from the law

          B. He is fascinated by the mystery and adventure of the experience

          C. He was maimed by a whale and wants revenge

2. How do Ishmael and Queequeg meet one another?

          A. They are sharing a room in a crowded inn

          B. They meet on board the Pequod

          C. They meet when Ishmael visits Queequeg’s island

3. Which character warns Ishmael and Queequeg against joining Ahab’s crew?

          A. Elijah

          B. Peleg

C. Gabriel

4. Who is the first mate of the Pequod?

          A. Stubb

          B. Starbuck

          C. Flask

5. What reward does Ahab promise to the first man who sees Moby Dick?

          A. Half of the profits of the whaling voyage

          B. A promotion to captain after his retirement

          C. An ounce of Spanish gold

6. What aspect of Moby Dick’s appearance is the most terrifying to Ishmael?

          A. His wrinkled brow

          B. His unusual white color

          C. His size


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