The Great Gatsby


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Chapter 7

Gatsby decides not to have any more parties. They were only designed to get the attention of Daisy, and that has been completed. Plus, he is very preoccupied with spending time with Daisy, so he does not want to take the time for the parties. His servants all find themselves fired, because the thinks it is the best way to avoid having them gossip about the affair. He replaces all of them with people connected to Meyer, and the shadiness of these individuals is obvious to Nick and to the reader. On the hottest summer day, Nick goes to East Egg, to have lunch at Daisy and Tom's house. Jordan and Gatsby have also been invited, and are already there. Daisy's infant daughter is brought into the room, and Gatsby is shocked, thinking how the tiny girl does not even look real. Daisy is not very interested in her child, seeing her almost as an afterthought. They all get through an awkward lunch, but Daisy and Gatsby are having a very difficult time hiding how they feel. He cannot stop staring at her, and she finally says that she is bored and asks him if he wants to go to the city. Tom is convinced that his wife and Gatsby have feelings for one another.

Tom wants a confrontation, so he decides that they should all go to New York. Jordan, Tom, and Nick all go in Gatsby's car, and Gatsby and Daisy take Tom's car. They stop at Wilson's garage to buy fuel, and Tom, Jordan, and Nick discover that Wilson has found out that his wife has been cheating on him. He does not know who his wife's lover is, but he is planning to take his wife and move out to the West. Nick thinks about Wilson and Tom, and how they are in the same position, but he does not say anything. They leave the gas station and go into New York City. It is oppressively hot, and they all get a suite. They decide on the Plaza Hotel. When they are settled into their suite, Tom decides that the time has come to confront Gatsby. He starts mocking him and says that he does not believe that he went to Oxford. Gatsby insists that he did attend the school, but admits that...

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