The Great Gatsby


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. At the New York apartment, Tom hits Myrtle. Why?

a. She will not see him anymore

b. She is flirting too much with Nick

c. She wants him to get divorced

d. She is teasing him about his wife, Daisy

2. In what area can Gatsby's mansion be found?

a. New York City

b. Fifth Avenue

c. West Egg

d. East Egg

3. Where are Daisy and Gatsby Reunited?

a. At Nick's home

b. At a golf tournament

c. At the theater

d. At a pool

4. The novel is set in the summer of what year?

a. 1935

b. 1922

c. 1917

d. 1895

5. Nick and Tom both got their education at what school?

a. Harvard

b. Princeton

c. Yale

d. Oxford

6. What does Jordan Baker do for a living?

a. Nothing

b. Plays professional golf

c. Works as a secretary

d. Works as a Waitress

7. What does Gatsby knock off of Nick's mantel when he is nervous about meeting Daisy?

a. A trophy

b. A book

c. A clock

d. A picture

8. What state does Nick call home?

a. Florida

b. Washington State

c. Arizona

d. Minnesota

9. Why did Gatsby choose not to continue with college?

a. He and Daisy were going to get married

b. He was sent to war

c. He did not want to work a menial janitorial job to pay for it

d. He did not make good grades.

10. What wealthy traveler hired Gatsby to be his assistant?

a. Clint McGowan

b. George Wilson

c. Cody Baxter

d. Dan Cody

11. Where is the Valley of Ashes located?

a. Between West Egg and East Egg

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