The Great Gatsby


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Chapter 4

Nick makes a list of the people who have been to at least one of Gatsby's parties over the summer, and realizes that it is a list of the most powerful and wealthy people in the area. Then he talks about a trip that he and Gatsby took into New York City in order to eat lunch. They drove into the city and Gatsby told Nick all about his past, but Nick did not think that his story was logical or made since. For example, Gatsby said "San Francisco" when Nick asked him where he was from, even though he had just said he came from the Midwest. He also lists all kinds of accomplishments he has been involved with, including an Oxford education, collecting jewels in all of Europe's capitals, and getting medals in WWI in several European countries. He also talks of hunting big game. He can see that Nick is skeptical, so he produces a picture of himself at Oxford, along with a medal from Montenegro. As he is speeding through the Valley of Ashes, he is pulled over by the police. He shows them a white card, and officer lets him go with an apology for bothering him.

Nick is taken to lunch and introduced to Meyer Wolfsheim. Gatsby claims that Meyer fixed the 1919 World Series. He is a shady man with a lot of connections to "underground" and unsavory businesses. Nick begins to wonder if Gatsby created his wealth in ways that were not particularly legal, and what kinds of ties Gatsby might have to the kinds of activities Meyer is involve with. There is no proof, but it does get Nick to thinking about how little he really knows about Gatsby, and whether Gatsby may not be who he claims to be. Later, Nick sees Jordan. She tells him all about the conversation she had with Gatsby during the party they attended. Gatsby, Jordan says, is in love with Daisy, and they were to be married before Gatsby had to leave for the war. She promised to wait for him, but married Tom Buchanan instead. Before her wedding, she tried to drink away the pain. Still, she went through with the marriage and has remained faithful to Tom.

Of course,...

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