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By kaj750 Jan 13, 2013 306 Words
In light of a recent article read in class, “California: Wake up on Dream Act” by Ruben Navarrette Jr, I'd like to write a short and hopefully concise paper on my opinion of financial aid for illegal aliens. This is a topic that effects me directly and is a source of nearly endless frustration. As an employed white male, I do not qualify for financial aid. I am not “ethnic” enough nor am I poor enough. I am currently going thousands of dollars into debt while certain minorities are fixing up their Hondas with tax dollars I have contributed. I feel it is unfair for me to meet society's standards, achieve higher-than-average grades, and go in debt while many illegal aliens get a free ride to college. While I do understand the reasoning behind such practice, I can not agree. Sure, some illegals are paying income tax. Mostly all pay sales tax. They are contributing. Still, there is a reason they are called “illegal” aliens. I do not understand being able to partake in the benefits of being a United States citizen when they are not in fact a US citizen. I believe they should achieve citizenship, then apply for financial aid and leave money for those of us who seek higher education AND follow the law. Depending on local, state, and/or federal guidelines, some felons are not allowed to apply for financial aid. How is this any different than being in the United States illegally? I'd like to conclude by saying that there are always exceptions to rules and extenuating circumstances. Still, this issue is rather cut and dry. The word “illegal” means illegal. It is against the law. If someone is breaking the law, they shouldn't qualify for financial aid, much less take the place of someone who qualifies legitimately.

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