Why Illegal Immigration Should Be Kept Banned and Why Our Borders Should Be Watched Closer

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Immigration, Illegal immigration Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: April 1, 2013
In 2008, a BYU professor decided to talk about welfare to a class of his students. He first asked the students if they agreed on welfare. Many agreed on it, so the professor decided to try an experiment. This experiment would change many of the students' perspective on welfare. He first said that a quiz would be given the following week. When the day came, he handed out the test, and said that the test would be graded a little differently. The students, who studied, did well on it, and the students who didn't study did poorly. However, the professor figured out the class average, and gave all the students the average. The class average was a B minus. The students who did poorly on the test were very happy; however the students who did well on the test were very angry. The professor told the students that this was an example of welfare. He asked if this was fair. Was it or not? It was not fair. That professor was trying to teach the students something about the welfare system. Illegal immigrants are usually like homeless people, and don’t like to work. They usually just get on the welfare system, and literally make us work and support them. There are three reasons why illegal immigration should be kept banned, and that our borders should be more closely watched. The first reason is taxes. One of the first things an illegal immigrant will most likely do once they reach our country is to get on the welfare system. When they get on the welfare system, they will raise our countries taxes, and help themselves to our money. When they legally steal our money, it will increase the depravity of our countries recession, and help destroy our community. The second reason is crime. When illegal immigrants enter our country, they increase the chance of terrorism. They usually bring weapons, and can mortally wound someone or even kill someone. If we keep illegal immigration banned, and if our borders are watched more cautiously, then families can...
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