Western Civilization Review for Rome exam

Topics: Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Roman Empire Pages: 4 (964 words) Published: June 8, 2014
1. Macedonian professional army-advantages included a wide range of specialists, strict discipline and elimination of large numbers of noncombatant servants 2. Battle of Chaeronea- ended Greek city state freedom once and for all. 3. Philip of Macedon-by his death he had installed his despotic rule throughout Greece 4. Alexander-was motivated by the desire for personal power and glory 5. Despotism-absolute power- of authority of rulers who represented themselves as at least semi-divine 6. Hellenistic age government- the dominant form in lands conquered by Alexander except mainland Greece was despotism 7. Hellen economics- was generally prosperous owing to the growth of trade, the emergence of an international money economy, & rice of cities 8. Cynics- philosophical movement that advocated a natural and self sufficient life 9. Stoics- argued that all events are rigidly determined and that therefore no individual is in control of his or her destiny 10. Democritus- Greek thinker that founded materialistic atomism and epicureans basic beliefs 11. Epicureans- taught that the state is a mere convenience that absolute justice is a fiction, and no wise man would take an active part in politics. 12. Skepticism-believed that we cannot prove anything

13. Hellenistic Religion- personal emotional religions, elaborate ritual & salvation 14. Mithras- a lieutenant of Zoroastrianism’s omnipotent god Ahura-Mazda 15. Mithraism- appealed to the lower classes because it offered an elaborate ritual and promise of salvation 16. Polybius- historian who argued that nations pass through predictable cycles of growth and decay 17. Utopias- descriptive accounts of ideal states

18. Corinthian column- very ornate signature of Hellen. Arch. 19. Hellen sculpture- contained extreme naturalism, the desire to create something unique, and exaggerated postures 20. Almagest- heavenly bodies revolved around the earth, classic ancient astronomy 21. Euclid- master of geometry

22. Elements of...
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