Week 8 Critical Thinking

Topics: Jury trial, Awareness, Lawsuit Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: May 26, 2013
The article I chose to write about was Cyber bullying Victims Fight Back in Lawsuits
I chose Alex Boston the 14 year old girl. She decided to file a lawsuit against the two classmates bullying her on the internet. She also took a big stand and let them identify her as a victim of cyber bullying so they could raise awareness of this situation that seems to be growing around the world. Also Alex and her family reported the incident to Facebook. She is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages.

The impact of those actions got people looking in to how often these types of things happen. They included some examples of cases that have been heard and won; also some cases that been heard and lost. This also caused lawmakers to start looking into disciplinary action that can be taken even if such events happen at home and not at school. It also made parent and people in general aware of the way kids are acting when they think people aren’t looking and they think they won’t get caught. They are trying to get strengthened laws on cyber bullying.

The first thing I would have done was got in contact with the parents of the children that made the website and showed them what their kids had done and explained to them the impact it is having on my child. The next thing I would have done would have done was call the school to see what action could be taken on such a case. If they couldn’t do anything about it then I would have done exactly what she did. I would contact the authorities and file a lawsuit against them. You hate to do that to such young kids and maybe blemish their record but if the parents of the offenders aren’t willing to teach them a lesson then someone has to or they will keep doing it over and over until it gets out of control.

I think my moral reasoning impacted my decision in the way that I was worried about messing up these kids criminal records for the rest of their lives. I would try every way possible to settle this without getting the...
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