Cm220 Final Project: After School Bullying Program

Topics: Bullying, School bullying Pages: 5 (1817 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Final Project: After School Bullying Program
Kaplan University

Professor Sandy Miller
April 29, 2013

Starting an after school program for bullying victims as well as students who feel that bullying is ok to do. They can come and talk about the problems they are encountering in school, and outside of school.  Also, it is very vital to include the parents, teachers and staff in the experiences of the program so they can come and talk with their children/students as well as other children going through the same thing. Having never been a victim of bullying, but living in a small community now as well as being from a small community prior there was a few kids who have committed suicide from being bullied. It’s hard for people in small communities as well as larger communities to understand what would push a kid to the point where they feel that taking their own lives is the right answer to the problem. Now those kids have no voice in this matter and are not able to share their story a program like this would be able to help kids understand the effects of bullying as well as the impact it has on family, friends and the community. Having read a few articles, one of which was A Mother’s Plea: Stop The Bullying by Shoya Bowman, this article talks about a mom whose daughter was being bullied at school and her mom was able to catch the small warning signs that her daughter was giving whether she knew it or not. In the article she states, “Sometimes, we as parents miss the signs that are right under our noses as we attempt to make a living and better our situations for our families” (Bowman, 2013). Being able to educate parents on what signs to look for, as well as, to educate kids on what signs to look for if their friends are being bullied or are bullying other kids so they can help them get through it or be there as a support system for one another. With this program the vision is to get the parents to know what signs to look for if their kids are being bullied as well as if their kids are doing the bullying. It can be challenging once you’ve found out your kid is being bullied or doing the bullying. Withdraw is a big thing to look for or notice, in a few articles, it always states that the kids who are being bullied stop trying as hard, change their appearance, or withdraw from programs or activities that they were once involved in. I am aware that a program like this may be challenging to find a location as well as getting kids and parents interested in attending. If we can get the awareness about this out into the community several people will be more willing to want to get involved and help out and be a part of it as well as spread the word. In another article, which came from blogs that are posted by Kourtney Peagram was “An Interview with a Male Bully Teacher” she talked with Bobby Hickson about his role as being a teacher and dealing with bullying in the school he teaches. One point of the article she asks him, “What advice or ideas would you share with the community?” His reply is, “Embody the change you want to see in everyone else. We are all role models for each other, and we are all constantly learning and adapting to each other. We have no control over other’s actions, but we do have control over ourselves. Model the behaviors you want to see in everyone else. Eventually, people around you will adapt” (Peagram 2013). The ending of this was powerful because I am hoping by having the after school program that it will help kids set an example and other kids will lead and follow the examples being set by the other kids. Hopefully parents and even teachers will get involved with a program like this it would be beneficial to everyone in the community to be able to know the signs and what to look for.

There is a blog posted by Richard Paul that I found in searching and gather information for my program, I was really pleased with this blog and he had some really good points that...

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Peagram, K (February 19, 2013) An Interview with a Male Bully Teacher Kortney Peagram (June 18, 2012) Bully Intervention Program from Bulldog Solution YouTube Video Ragusa, D (No Date 1999-2013) How to Prevent Bullying in Schools
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