Vote for Me as Our Class Student Council Representative

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen, I would like to be our class

council representative. I come before you and ask for your support.

The reason why I want to be our class council representative, cause

I can make a good difference. If I got elected, I wouldn’t be the

only student representative for this class. I, Rosallinah Legatasia

sousou mai le vasa le le Lalelei o Samoa Jlinah Fonoti, asking for

your support to be our class representative. We would all be,

because I would be very willing to take ideas from you guys. The

other reason i would be a good representative is that I’m not afraid

to voice my opinions or stand up for what I believe in. i have some

really cool ideas for mixers and field trips that would be fun and

cheap. One of my idea was that we could start saving up money

now for our class of 2013 which is the 7th grade. The more money

we could save is the more fun parties we would have. I hope that I

convince you guys to vote for me as your student council


As you already know, I’m running for class council

representative for room 102 in Tina Miles student council. I would

like to present all of you this year and contribute my strongest

dedication to our student council. As your class representative, I

will voice your ideas and insight to the council as well as make my

own contribution to the school.

I believe I qualify for this responsibility for a few reasons.

First of all, I am an extremely dedicated person, and I am willing

to cut out time it takes, whenever it is, to make our class a better

place. I am also organized and responsible, and I can say in

complete veracity that I will convey your opinions and my own to

the council as well as inform you of anything you should know.

Ultimately, my goal is to help our students to live up to its

motto by being a part of a student council, however small that may


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