Vocabulary List of Jargon in Microsoft Excel

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Submitted to: Mr.Antonio B. Aquialda
Submitted by:Jhon kinneth B.federisMicrosoft Word
software produced by the microsoft compnay to produce text document such as letters,essays, resumes, reports etc. Ribbon
an area at the top of an office program window that contains commands for working with the open file; the commands are organized under tabs. Blank document
A new blank document opens each time you start word. The word document has a temporary name, such as document 1. When you finish typing in the document, you can save it with a new name Cursor/insertion point

point on a display screen where the next character or space is entered. Red underline
Means the flagged text is not in Word's dictionary
Green underline
Indicates the text may be incorrect grammatically
Blue underline
correctly spelled word used inappropriately
Home Tab
called the primary tab, contains the more frequently used commands Groups
vertical columns in a table
Font Group
Under the Home tab; contains the buttons to format appearance of font in text. (Example: Type face can be easily changed from standard to bold, italic or underlined using this group). Styles
sets of formatting specifications
Default page margins
1" top and bottom, 1 1/4" left and Right, this refers to the amount of non-printable space on a page. Scroll Bar
appears at the bottom and/or right side of a window to allow a user to view another part of the window Formatting Marks
special symbols that represent spaces, tabs, and paragraphs, that do not appear on paper when a document is printed Microsoft Office Clipboard
allows you to copy up to 24 multiple texts, and graphical items from Office documents or other programs and paste them into another Office document Undo button
A button on the Quick Access toolbar that you can click to undo (or reverse) your last action.Quick Access Toolbar A toolbar located in the upper-left corner of the program...
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