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How organisations use ICT

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The work you submit for these pre-release tasks must be your own. •

If you copy from someone else or allow another candidate to copy from you, or if you cheat in any other way, you may be disqualified from at least the subject concerned.

• You must always keep your work secure and confidential whilst you are preparing it. If it is stored on a computer network, keep your password secure. When printing work, collect all copies from the printer and destroy the copies you don’t need.

• Any materials (e.g. books, information from the Internet you have used to help complete this work, etc.) must be clearly acknowledged in the work itself.

• All work must be submitted to your teacher once completed. Ensure you include your name, candidate number and centre number on all pages and that each page is hole-punched in the top left hand corner and secured with a treasury tag.

You must not submit any materials other than your response to the pre-release tasks.

• When you hand in your completed tasks, you will be required to sign that you have understood and followed the regulations by completing a Candidate Authentication Statement.
• Your work will be returned to you at the start of the exam, in the exam room. At the end of the exam you must attach all tasks to your question paper using the treasury tag.


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Read the attached case study and these instructions carefully, then carry out the tasks detailed below. There are two types of task.
In Task 1 you will produce notes that will help you to answer questions in the examination for this unit. The other tasks will be marked and will contribute up to 30 of the 100 marks available for this unit. You will need your completed tasks when you take the examination for this unit. The work produced in response to the pre-release tasks must be submitted to your teacher when it is completed. The work must be presented as a hard copy.

It is not acceptable for you to copy large parts of material from other sources as the tasks require you to apply your knowledge to the case study. Any books, information leaflets or other materials (e.g. videos, software packages or information from the Internet) which you have used to help you complete this work must be clearly acknowledged in the work itself. To present material copied from books or other sources without acknowledgement will be regarded as deliberate deception. You must not submit any material other than your response to the pre-release tasks. The work must be collated so that it is presented in task order. Each page of the work must be marked clearly with your name, candidate number, centre number and task number.

When you have completed the tasks you must sign and date a Candidate Authentication Statement. You must then ask your teacher to sign to confirm that the work is your own. Task 1
Do your own research and make notes which:

describe the job functions/departments in Best of Wood (BoW) describe the roles of the personnel in BoW
explain the purpose of documents used by BoW and describe their content describe the main processes carried out by BoW, including the inputs, the processing, the calculations and the outputs involved

describe the ICT systems used in BoW
explain the weaknesses of the current systems and explain and evaluate future improvements required by the managers of BoW.

© OCR 2015

G041/01/IC Jun15

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Task 2
A customer...
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