Unit 7

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Task 1 – What criteria do we need to consider when selecting vocabulary?

The criteria that we need to consider when selecting vocabulary is the appropriacy to the task and students. If the selected vocabulary are not appropriate to the task and or the level of the students, then there is no use in teaching that word as the it will not be pertinent. Secondly, the frequency and coverage of the vocabulary is important. The teachers need to assess how likely the student to require the information and how it can be applied to various different situations. Lastly, the teachability and how easy it will be for the students to comprehend.

Task 2 – What does a student need to know about a vocabulary item? Give examples to clarify your ideas.

What the word means.
For example, the word eminent means prominent or distinguished.

How and when to use the word.
It is used to describe something that is prominent or distinguished. For example, He is an eminent statesman.

Where the word belongs in a sentence
Eminent is an adjective so it belongs before a noun.
For example, in the sentence He is an eminent statesman, the word eminent is before the noun statesman.

How it interacts and alters other words.
Since Eminent is an adjective, it interacts and alters the noun statesman. Without the word eminent, then the statesman will be a regular statesman.

How the word is spelled
The word eminent is spelled E M I N E N T

How the word is pronounced
The word eminent is pronounced {em-uh-nuh nt} and the accent is placed on the first syllable em.

Task 3 – List 20 vocabulary items that relate to food:

dining table, restaurant, breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, hungry, full, vegetables, meat, fish, dessert, salt, pepper, sauce, delicious, bread, fork, spoon, knife. Task 4 – Plan a straight line ESA lesson for a language level of your choice, to cover vocabulary connected with the topic of food:

Bring in photos or...
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