Unit 4 Part 1 Learning Objectives

Topics: American Civil War, Confederate States of America, Slavery in the United States Pages: 7 (2006 words) Published: April 23, 2013
History 1301 unit 4

Describe Americans westward migration in the 1830’s and 1840’s
The United States continued to push its settlements towards the pacific coast. Settlers often spilled over the boarder of the United States, sparking international tensions with Mexico and England. They move in search for fertile land and economic opportunity. John Adams, agreement with Russia to limit territory to the boundary of Alaska. Leaving the US and Great Britain contenders for Oregon territory. 1818, Britain and the US agreed to joint ownership to buy time. Hall Jackson Kelly, described Oregon as “the most valuable of all unoccupied parts of earth.” “Willamette valley as a promising source of economic opportunity.

Oregon trail became the major route used by migrants moving west. Within 2 years population tripled. As the population grew demand for full American sovereignty grew.

Explain the causes of the Texas rebellion and describe the creation of the republic of Texas
Territory of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah were all apart of Mexico’s northern frontier. Mexico opted for a free trade policy away from Spain, and a desire to trade with the US. This stimulated commercial prosperity but encouraged expansionist to move in. A trade route was formed from Missouri to santa fe new Mexico, William Becknell encountered a company of Mexican soldiers, and was escorted to santa fe to do business. Troubles in Texas prompted Mexican authorities to curtail the Santa fee trade. Texas becomes a target for American adventures (illegal settlers). With Mexico struggling to attract migration to Texas they feared it would soon be lost to the U.S. Moses Austin, applied for a land grant on which to settle 300 law abiding families. Risking in inviting the US but the Spanish took the chance. Stephen Austin followed his dad. And American squatters continued to cross, with this increase the Mexico anglo Mexican relations grew tense. As Texans grew increasingly belligerent toward Mexican authority it became clear they were going to refuse to accept Mexican rule to lead to a revolution. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, led an army north to subdue the rebellious Texans, Sam Houston, left north with some troops leaving William Barret Travis to fight in the Alamo. In San Antonio. Santa Anna split up his troops leading to his down fall cause him to sign a treaty to grant Texas independence.

Describe the Mormons’ westward migration
Joseph Smith and the Latter-day Saints attracked new members, gatherings cause mistrust by non members and often lead to violent actions against the saints. In turn they were run out of new york to ohio to Missouri and illionis. Brigham young became the nw prophet after smith was murder in his cell, lead the Mormons on their final move to salt lake city. The migration to the great basin served as a model of organized planning and efficiency.

Identify the catalyst for American Economic transformation beginning in the 1830’s and describe the growth of industry during this period
Technological development led America tino the industrial revolution. Samuel F B Morse developed the telegraph that allowed instantaneous communication across Americas newly acquired continental territory. The communication enhanced the growth of railroads. The buildings of railroads become the prime influence in the transformation of America. Creating a boom in iron industry and high cost for construction stimulated the economy.

Describe the wave of immigration that America experienced in the mid nineteenth century
America booming economy also attracted mass immigration. 4 million immigrants come to the U.S. From western Europe to Asians which started to immigrate to the pacific coast

Describe the “young America” movement and explain the ideals of Manifest destiny
Ralph Waldo Emerson during a speech to merchants and manufactures, was the first to use the phrase “young Americans” saying that the americans were...
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