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  • The Confederate States of America

    A culture is the beliefs and interests of a particular group of people. About 150 years ago‚ a proud and noble culture was created in the Southern portion of the United States. It was created by Southerners from all walks of life‚ ranging from the gentry to the "good ol’ boys." They loved their culture so much that they created a country. It was a country of blue skies‚ green hills‚ beautiful meadows and forests‚ and old-fashioned Southern hospitality. There were large plantations that grew some

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  • The Film Confederate States Of America

    The film “Confederate States of America” is a quasi-documentary film about the history of an America. Through the eye of a British “documentary” this film takes a satirically‚ humorous‚ and sometimes frightening‚ look at Civil War won by the South. First thing this work is take into consideration are advertisements. The director‚ Kevin Willmott‚ cuts the film with some commercials and with a news broadcast. Most of the ads are fake though they make the viewer thrilled‚ because of their racists and

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  • Confederate States of America: Rebel Flag

    Confederate States of America: Beauregard Battle Flag Chantell L. Bonham Atwood-Hammond High School Abstract In this research paper I will be discussing the controversies with the Confederate Battle Flag known today as the “Rebel Flag” and the “Beauregard Battle Flag”. In this paper‚ you will see the National Association of the Advancement for Colored People (NAACP)‚ this is an organization that helps protects colored people’s rights. I went about researching everything using the

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  • Why the Confederate States Seceded

    Why the Confederate States Seceded Henry Blackburn ITT Technical Institute Knoxville Professor Clark Introduction This paper sets out to define or shed some light on the possible reasons of the separation of Confederate states from the Union. The North believed the highest power belonged to the federal government while the South believed that each state governed itself‚ and the question of slavery should be decided by the states not by the federal government. By examining these two points

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  • The Confederate Army

    The Confederate Army Of The South Eric Vlasin Mrs. Person American Literature November 19‚ 2013 The Civil War‚ the war that rocked the United States in the late 1800’s‚ a war of a divided country‚ The war of the north and the south. The South wanting to secede from the nation‚ is what flared the war into action‚ and the South would soon be in danger. The South in the civil war‚ what did they plan‚ what did they have‚ and who were the leaders? The average soldier‚ and unshaven

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  • The Confederate Flag

    The Confederate Flag Within the United States of America‚ arguments‚ involving the Confederate Flag‚ are solved every sngle day. However‚ some controversies have managed to carry on from the 1800’s until present day without any solution. The text and symbolic meaning behind the “Confederate Flag” is a perfect example. The Confederate Flag is one of America’s most embattled symbolic controversies. Created in 1861in a battle between the South‚ Confederates‚ and the North‚ Union‚ two men by the name

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  • The Making of a Confederate

    version of the Civil War creates a picture of the North versus the South with the North imposing on the South. However‚ after reading “The Making of a Confederate” by William L. Barney‚ one can see that subdivisions existed before the war was declared. The documents analyzed by Barney primarily focus on the experiences of Walter Lenoir‚ a southern confederate and a member of the planter elite. His experiences tell a vivid story of a passionate and strongly opinioned participant of the Civil War as well

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  • Confederates in the Attic

    Confederates in the Attic As Tony Horwitz illustrates in Confederates in the Attic‚ the Civil War is far from over. Horwitz‚ determined to find the answers to this conflict‚ treks through the South‚ seeking to explain man’s longtime obsession with a war that divided the nation. Talking to historians and Civil War reenactors of all kinds‚ he finds that people are still divided today when it comes to the war and present issues in society. He collects a vast amount of data‚ which proves

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  • The Confederate Flag

    Society telling those who feel positively about the confederate flag that they do not have the right to display it‚ because it “is a symbol of racism and slavery”‚ is an issue throughout America that causes unwanted and unnecessary problems. This issue requires education on the topic‚ and the people of America to have an open and unbiased point of view. When most people are asked‚ “what does the Confederate flag represent to you?”‚ they answer with‚ “racism”‚ “slavery”‚ or something to do with the

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  • Essay On Confederate Monuments

    Confederate Monuments The Confederate monuments are a vital part of history and eliminating them is like eliminating history. The past is the past and the monuments do not stand for racism it stands for a part of history and it definitely wasn’t a good part of history but it was a learning experience for it to not happen again. The statues and flag stands for history of the south and every time someone see a flag or monument it reminds them of what the ancestors of the south did and fought for in

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