Texas War for Independence

Topics: Antonio López de Santa Anna, Texas, Texas Revolution Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Corey Mitchell Texas War for Independence
The Texas Revolution occurred because of a series of events that began long before the first shots fired at the Battle of Gonzales. In the summer of 1820 a 59 year-old Missourian named Moses Austin asked the Spanish Authorities for a large land tract which he wanted to use to attract American Pioneers. To manys surprise in early 1821 the Spanish government gave him permission to settle 300 families. Spain had welcomed Americans to help develop the land and to provide a buffer against the illegal U.S. immigrants who were causing problems. Although Moses Austin died and was not able to see his goal reached his son Stephen F. Austin stepped into his shoes and promised to carry out his fathers goal of colonizing Texas. By the end of 1824 Austin had attracted over 242 colonists to Texas and persuaded the Mexican government that the best way to attract Americans was to give out land grants. By the 1830's there were 16,000 Americans settled in Texas. As the population grew, the Mexican government grew skeptical of the growing American population. Mexico had feared the U.S. was planning to gain the province by revolution. Due to the diverse differences in language and culture their was bitter conflict between the Native Mexicans and the colonists. To reclaim the authority over Texas the Mexican government reestablished its constitutional prohibition against slavery, restricted trade with the United States, and put a end to further American Immigration. These actions possibly could have provoked the Texas Revolution. In 1832 General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna became Mexico's president. Many colonists hoped that Antonio would make Texas a self-governed state within the United States. Once in power, Santa Anna was less truthful than many Texans were led to believe. In mid 1834 Santa Anna overthrew Mexico's constitutional government, abolished state governments, and pronounced himself as dictator. When...
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