Typologies of Government

Topics: Government, Dictatorship, Totalitarianism Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: February 4, 2013
- 1.) Research different typologies of government
type of governments based on:
a. Number of executive heads
b. Repository of sovereign power
c. Relationship existing between executive & legislative branch d. Relationship existing between central & local government
Dictatorship implies rule by an individual who has complete power over the country, where even a small group of people can help in ruling the government. Although there have been several definitions of dictatorship, broadly all the various types and forms of dictatorship tend to exhibit totalitarian characteristics. When the power of the government does not come from the people, it is unlimited and tends to expand their scope of power to control every aspect of people's lives. (Takes power through coercion or force and has no limit with regards to the scope of their power, military is the main line). (It’s a supreme rule by one person or a group of persons). (Less legitimacy for local government because the power is centralized solely to the dictator.) (Family dictatorship - inheriting power through family ties, Military dictatorship - through military force or coup d'etat. In Latin America, military dictatorships were often ruled by committees known asmilitary juntas. Constitutional dictatorship - dictatorial powers provided for by constitutional means, for emergencies Self-coup - by suspending existing democratic mechanisms after attaining office by constitutional means) Theocracy

This kind of government is when a religious hierarchy of administration is identical to that of the government, where the latter is under the religious ruling administration. It is when a religious body takes over the government, where if a church or a kind of religious group were to govern a nation, it would be termed as ecclesiocracy. They believe in being ruled by the highest authority 'God', where they are believed to be functioning under his guided influence. (A theocracy is a country in...
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