Topics: Democracy, Government, Religion Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Organizing a new government is not an easy task. You cannot make everyone happy because everyone has different views and opinions. No one person sees a topic the same as another person. So when coming up with a system for a new government for a country you have many decisions that must be made. There is a country that needs a new government: We will call this country Anation. Anation is a country that has several religious factions. “The interconnection between religion and government is inevitable because in varying degrees both institutions are involved in regulating social behavior (unknown, para 2).” Religion is an important factor to consider when creating a new government because people’s views are tied to their religious beliefs generally speaking. Setting up a new government system for Anation is a difficult and slow task. Setting up a new government system for Anation is a difficult and slow task. Anotion should be a democratic nation. Since democracy is a nation is which every citizen has an equal say Anation should feel like this governmental system is what works best for them. Federalism would be utilized in this nation. By following the principles of common federalism power would be distributed at regional, national and supranational levels. By setting up a democratic government Anation can make choices that the citizens have a say in. The fact of the matter is that you cannot make everyone happy with any decision that is made. It is just not possible. So by have a democracy and electing officials and voting it gives the fairness or at least the illusion of fairness. I think that for Anation which is a country with several different religious factions this is a system that would work the best. Parties in this government should be set up fairly. A fair way to do this is to have several parties. Each party can be a representation of a certain religion in the area and also a party that has no religion. It is important that everyone be represented...
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