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Topics: Project management, Management, Agile software development Pages: 19 (5983 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Detailed Specification
This is an individual piece of work.
You are required to answer the following question:

Do agile software development frameworks
adequately provide the tools to understand both
the technical and cultural requirements of a
Development frameworks provide tools for solving technical
systems problems. It is still the case that information systems fail, often for human, rather than technical reasons.
Agile approaches to software development contain tools which they claim to help the developer to understand the information needs of users of the systems. For example, DSDM provides
tools such as Timeboxing, Facilitated Workshops and MoSCoW
Using the attached case study, discuss how these tools can help (or hinder) the developer in understanding the information
needs of a system that is used by many “cultures” and many users who have different values and levels of trust.
In answering this question you should carry out the following activities: a) Read the attached case study
b) Research the Agile tools of your choice and show how the tools can be applied using examples from the case study
c) From research, define what is meant by “culture”, “values” and “trust” in the context of developing information systems
d) Identify who the users of the system are from the given case study e) Using examples from the case study, criticise the use of the DSDM tools from the perspective of the developer attempting to understand the different information needs of users in different cultures

You may consider the following points in forming your answer: What are the problems or issues for the developer in identifying technical, information and cultural needs within an organisation?
Why is understanding the organisational culture important to understanding user needs?
Why does the developer need to take account of people’s values when considering a new system?
Why is the issue of trust important to the success of the system development?

What conclusions can you draw about the role of the system developer? It is important that the essay is properly researched and fully referenced. The case study contains a lot of data and identifies a number of different organisational cultures and individuals. You will need to examine this information carefully to work out what is important.

An individual essay which is well structured and properly referenced. (4000-5000 words)

Important note:
This coursework is testing your ability to research and
critically evaluate a set of tools from a methodology,
examine the importance of culture, values and trust as
they are applied to information systems development,
and draw conclusions about the development process.
It is your views and experiences that are important and
these should make up the bulk of your essay. Although
you may use some reference material to emphasise a
point, referenced material should not make up
more than 10% of the essay. Any material used
from other sources should be properly referenced using
Harvard referencing standard.

Grading Criteria


you would be expected to show a thorough understanding of the issues relating to the impact of culture on the success or failure of a systems development; critically analyse the tools found in agile development frameworks; Critically appraise the importance of people’s values;

Identify the importance of trust in the development process; demonstrate a wide reading of the subject area;
discuss thoughtfully, the system developer role;
bring original thought to the argument in a well structured, properly referenced essay. you would be expected to show good understanding of the issues relating to the impact of culture on the success or failure of a systems development; show critical understanding of the tools found in agile development frameworks; show understanding of the importance of people’s values in the development process; discuss why trust...
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