Agency Review in Child Welfare

Topics: Employment, Foster care, Mental disorder Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Agency Review in Child Welfare
Ian Schneider
University of South Florida

Helping Families in Crisis with Mental Health and Addiction Services; the preceding is the tag line for the MG, Inc. not-for-profit organization. The company prides itself on services provided to the Manatee County community in an effort prevent addictions, educate its citizens, and to help those in need to utilize specialty services such as child welfare, rape crisis, and community outreach.

The Florida licensed company employs over four hundred and fifty people, including psychiatrists, licensed therapists, and allied health professionals. The five locations throughout Bradenton, Florida serve over ten thousand people a year. MG, Inc. was founded over fifty years ago with the vision to have “a future where everyone understands that behavioral health is essential to overall health and the quality of life in the community; mental illness and addiction are prevented, treated or cured; early detection and referrals to treatment are common place; and where full participation in the life of the community is possible at every stage of life (” MG, Inc. says that they promote the values of “commitment to a lifetime of recovery for individuals and their families; community partnership and leadership to best serve the needs of Manatee County; governance focused on the future and the vision of MG; and progressive management, which promotes innovative services and expert care(MG).”

MG, Inc. has a fixed goal and sets out to achieve it at all costs. Their policy is to promote the company at all times, even on personal time, by referring clients, wearing the badge to show off the logo, and to not use personal networking websites as to not make the organization look bad. MG, Inc. has rules and regulations set out in their handbook and employees are expected to follow them. These rules and regulations, along with several trainings on “their best way of doing things,” ensure that the...

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