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Mobilink GSM in context with HRM

Our group will be explaining the Human resource management of the company Mobilink GSM company originated in 1994 which provides the best cellular services within Pakistan. Mobilink has a very well defined and structured department and its various policies of keeping each employee productive part of the organization are intoned with the corporate worlds requirement. Employees in the company are largely committed to their organization and have shown progress in the company. Employees are satisfied with the HR department of Mobilink GSM Company.

Human resource planning is designed to ensure the future personnel needs will be constantly and appropriately met. The process by which managers ensure that they have the right number and kinds of people in the right places, and at the right times, who are capable of effectively and efficiently performing assigned tasks.

It is accomplished through analysis of
Internal factors : Current and expected skill needs, vacancies and departmental expansions and reductions. Environmental factors: Labor markets, use of computers to build and maintain information about employees

Planning Procedures Of Mobilink GSM

At Mobilink, our belief is that "Our people are our greatest asset”. We take great pride in acknowledging the contribution each one of us makes. We focus on People Development and for that we ensure:

Staff Mobilink with world class Professionals and ensure that the right systems are in place to encourage them to develop to their full potential. Create a collaborative and mutually supportive work environment that encourages people to grow. Build a team of professionals who deliver expertise by participating in business decisions. Develop Performance Management and reward systems underlying our Business strategy. We aim at making Mobilink a great place to work.

Recruitment &Decruitment

The development of a pool of job candidates in accordance with a human resource plan . It is the process of locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants.


Techniques for reducing the labor supply within an organization. e.g. firing ,layoffs, transfers, retirements.

Job description :
A written description of a non-management job, covering title, duties and responsibilities and including its location on the organization chart. Position description:
A written description of a management position.
Hiring specification:
It defines the education, experience and skills an individual must have in order to perform effectively in the position he/she is applying.

Sources Of recruiting Potential Job Candidates
Labor market:
Easy to recruit in large labor markets.
The type or level of the position:
The more specialized the position the more recruitment efforts . The size of the organization:
The larger the organization the easier it is to recruit.

Process of Recruitment
Steps in the Recruitment process:
Internal Search
Advertisement of a job vacancy.
Web based advertising.
Preliminary contact with potential job candidates.
Initial screening to create a pool of qualified applicants.

Methods of Recruitment process:
External Recruitment.
Internal Recruitment .

Recruitment Policies of Mobilink GSM
Source :
Current Mobilink Employees
Internal and external Advertisements
Data Bank
Employment Agencies and consultants

Mobilink GSM Guidelines
External Recruitment:
No candidate under age of eighteen can apply for the job.
Candidates can’t apply for the job if their blood relations work in PMCL-Mobilink. Heads are responsible for hiring procedures.
Human resources jointly with the department heads decide the salary range . Minimum qualification must be a bachelor degree.
Candidate are required to successfully complete any job related selection test given to them.

Mobilink GSM Guidelines

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