Mobilink Managment Term Paper

Topics: Management, Mobilink, Performance appraisal Pages: 28 (5933 words) Published: April 13, 2012
Executive Summary:4
History of Organization5
Orascom Telecom:5
Structure of Main Office Mobilink7
Mobilink Head Office Introduction:8
Mission Statement:9
Vision Statement:9
Organizing at Mobilink9
Organizational Hierarchy9
Functions of departments:13
Corporate Planning14
Strategic Planning14
Functional specialization15
Mobilink, a subsidiary of the Orascom Telecom Group is Pakistanss leading cellular service and market leader with an unmatched customer base of over 30 million subscribers.15 Departmentalization:15

Technical Department16
IT department16
Finance Department16
Customer Care Department16
Sales Department16
Marketing Department17
Government Affairs17
Administrative department17
Security department17
Human Resources Department17
HR department of Mobilink18
At Mobilink they hire people for their positive attitude, customer orientation, effective communication, creativity and drive to excel. Here they believe in providing their employees the space, the comfort and the tools to unleash their potential and a candid voice to speak about their concerns. Their customers can the best judge of how theirr culture and values enable their people to deliver on the promise of business excellence. However, some of the best minds in the industry don't just spend their professional lives only working ; they find in Mobilink a platform where they can also pursue their passions be it sports, outdoors, hobbies, volunteer work.....,the list goes on and still retain their identity as Mobilinkers! They respect each team member's individuality, their uniqueness and diverse backgrounds which is why they gel in together to make a formidable team that delivers. This portal is the gateway to make an important choice: to join the proud team of individuals and make a difference in millions of lives across Pakistan.18 Leadership18

Mobilink Student Development Workshop21
Stage 2 - Written warning: 06 months26
Legal department26
Authority Responsibility Relationship26
Conflict management27
Problem Identified28
Conclusion and Recommendations29


The field of Telecom sector has always been a source of inspiration for me. God gave me an excellent opportunity to complete myr project at Mobilink Pakistan Limited, one of the leading telecom companies in Pakistan.

I had a general idea about the Telecom Industry, but once I practically started the Project in Telecom sector I observed much about Telecom, I realized the importance and significance of Telecommunication for the development of economy. To adjust such a large commercial organization was not an easy task. However, by the grace of Almighty Allah, I finished my project in a suitable manner and I learned a lot about the Management system of Mobilink Pakistan Limited.

This expanded my vision about the telecom sector. I completed this project after three visits in Mobilink Main Office. I have exclusively studied and observed the operations and functioning of the Mobilink Main Office and tried my best to familiarize ourselves with all the dimensions of the Mobilink. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the Management System of Mobilink Main Office in diversified ways and give concrete recommendation for further improvement. Although the Mobilink is functioning satisfactory, but the path to ultimate success is still full of threats and hurdles. I am thankful to all those who helped us in one-way or the other and guided us in the preparation and compilation of this project in a presentable fashion.

Executive Summary:

An economy is the system of human...
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