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COMM 1270-001

COMM 1270: Analysis of Argument
Department of Communication
University of Utah * Spring 2014

Dr. Michael Middleton
Office: LNCO 2525
Office Hours: T 2pm-3pm and by appointment
Jason Jordan, Lab Leader
Office: LNCO 2930A
Office Hours: Wed., 12pm – 1:30pm
Class Meetings
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5

Jeremy Weaver, Lab Leader
Office: LNCO 2810
Office Hours: T, 2-3pm & W, 10am-12pm



LNCO 1110

Michael Middleton



AEB 306
OSH 234
MBH 105
OSH 236

Jason Jordan
Jason Jordan
Jeremy Weaver
Jeremy Weaver

Course Description
This course is an introduction to the formal study of argumentation. It is designed to help students be more sensitive to the arguments that surround them in their everyday life, to develop greater skill in understanding and critically assessing those arguments, and to build competence in producing their own arguments. To achieve these goals, the course is structured to teach argumentation skills and abilities by engaging in public arguments about pressing political, social, and legal issues. Course Objectives

• To understand--This course presents basic argumentation concepts and principles of effective argumentation and critical thinking.
• To apply--Over the course of the semester, students will use argumentation concepts to develop reasonable arguments that enhance their critical thinking and communication skills. • To evaluate--Students will use course concepts to analyze and evaluate public arguments in legal, political, social, and governmental contexts.

Required Materials
• Richard D. Rieke, Malcolm O. Sillars, and Tarla Rai Peterson. Argumentation and Critical Decision Making. 8th Ed. Boston: Pearson Education, 2013. Print. (ACDM) • Joe Bellon and Abi Smith Williams. Policy Debate Manual. Atlanta: National Debate Project, 2006. Online. (PDM). .

• Other supplemental readings as assigned.

COMM 1270-001


University Policies
ADA Accomodations: The University of Utah seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services and activities for people with disabilities. If you will need accommodations in the class, reasonable prior notice needs to be given to the Center for Disability Services (CDS), 162 Olpin Union Building, 5815020 (V/TDD). CDS and I will work with you to make arrangements for accommodations. All written information in this course can be made available in alternative format with prior notification to the Center for Disability Services. If you will require additional assistance with any course activities due to disability, please let me know as soon as possible. All disclosures will be kept confidential. Drop/Withdrawal Policy: Please check the Spring 2014 academic calendar for information pertaining to dropping and withdrawing from a course. You may withdraw from this course at any point, but it is your responsibility to know the various withdrawal deadlines.

Academic (Dis)Honesty: Academic honesty is required of all students. Students found guilty of academic dishonesty can receive an “E” for the assignment or the course, and other disciplinary action may be taken. I take a strong stance on plagiarism. If you are found to be in violation of this policy, you will receive a 0 on the assignment AND an E for the course. Plagiarism includes (but is not limited to) intentional submission of someone else’s work without credit, in part or as a whole; misuse of citations to conceal a source; use of other course work in this class; and other similar behaviors. Please meet with the instructor immediately if you are unclear as to what constitutes plagiarism. Curriculum Accommodations: Curriculum accommodations take two forms: schedule accommodations and content accommodations. The...
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