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Boston University
Metropolitan College


General Information
Instructor name: Mark Passacantando, RFC, MBA
Managing Member, Financial Planning Partners LLC
Past Chairman, Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts Day and Time: Tuesday/Thursday, 6:00 – 9:30 p.m.
Office Phone: cell (617) 388-6350
Office Hours: by appointment

Course Content and Objectives
This course will look at the principal issues facing an individual in today’s complex financial environment. It will enable the student to make informed decisions in the context of his/her own specific situation and circumstance so that the chance of success is maximized, all risks are assessed and the chance of any undesirable outcome is minimized. The course will lay groundwork for the functionality of the financial marketplace as well as to provide strategies to achieve stated life goals through financial planning. Subjects will include the comprehensive financial planning process, establishing financial goals, preparing personal financial statements, budgeting, managing credit, investments, personal taxes, life, health, disability and long term care insurance, retirement planning and estate planning. This course is practical, hands-on and is developed in way that the student will be able to use these tools throughout one’s life in a meaningful way.

Text and Readings
Personal Finance, Turning Money Into Wealth, Arthur J. Kweon, 5th edition.

While email communication to the instructor is discouraged, there may be a necessity to communicate with students for timely announcements. Therefore, it is required that all students have a valid BU email address. Information on the process of obtaining one can be found on the internet or by contacting the Registrar.

Other Suggested Reading and Resources
Available publications are excellent in this area and include Money Magazine, Kiplinger, Fortune, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Financial Planning Magazine. Furthermore, the internet provides an abundance of financial planning information and content and to some extent, wisdom. We will discuss much of it in class as it related to personal planning and current events. Web sites:,,,,, and

Suggested Tool
Financial Calculator (e.g. Sharp model or comparable). This tool is invaluable. If the student is absolutely not in a position to obtain one of these tools, an alternate table format will be utilized. These calculators are a valuable resource and used long after your experience in this class. We will not cover the technical functioning and operation of the calculator during class time; therefore, it is suggested that you budget time to learn the mechanical functioning of the tool using the manual, internet, class mates, etc.

Grading Criteria
Mid-Term Exam 30%
Final Exam 40%
Class Participation 10%*
Quizzes (2 @ 10 %) 20%

*Class participation is defined as attendance AND quality participation AND completed, timely homework. Be prepared and on time each week. Class starts exactly at the above-stated time each week. The class has an expected level of participation. Each class member will be required to contribute to class discussions. Since the quality and enjoyment of the discussion is dependent on the ability each member of the class being prepared, class members that are not prepared to discuss reading assignments or case material may expect to see this reflected in his/her grade. I will do my best to assist those that may be shy and may find talking in groups difficult to "join in", but you should be prepared and be willing to participate.

Grading in the financial planning area is often factual insofar as the correct answer is a number or a percentage. However, the correct answer can also be a range or a particular...
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