Sucess Story of Google

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The success story of google:-

About Google:
Google Inc. provides the best Internet search experience, and accomplishes this for tens of millions of users daily by delivering a powerful, fast, and easy-to-use search service for finding the most relevant information. Google's technological innovations have powered the company to numerous awards, including Best Search Engine on the Internet from Yahoo! Internet Life; Top Ten Best Cybertech of 1999 by TIME magazine; Technical Excellence Award from PC Magazine; and this year's Webby Award for Best Technical Achievement.

Facts & figures: -
Google was named after the number "Googol" which means one followed by a hundred zeros. It is the top search engine with over fifty percent market share. It is one of the top three most visited websites. Over four thousand million searches are conducted every month on it. It has localized websites for over 150 countries. There are over 117 language options to view your google page in. This search engine is supported by a backend of over 80,000 to 100,000 servers.

The Story Of Google, Inc:

The founders of google are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It was started in 1996-97 in Stanford University when both of them were students there. They received startup venture capital of $100,000 in 1998 from Andy Bechtolsheim. In 1999, they received $25 Million in venture capital. This further bolstered their growth. The growth in terms of employees, search queries & revenues was always increasing. The primary focus has always been on search.

Some Major Milestones of Google

Over 100 Million searches were being conducted daily by 2000. They started their advertising programs adwords and adsense in 2002-03. They went public in 2004 with an initial public offering in USA and raised $1.67 Billion. They formed major partnerships with NASA & AOL in 2005. The google stock was added to S&P 500 index in 2006. The company employment crossed 10,000 employees in 2007. The graph of google has only been going up. Let us know more about the amazing story of this company in the next part of this article. I have presented below the amazing success story of google. This article focuses more on straight points rather than lengthy explanations.

The majority of the Internet users surveyed awarded Google the highest ratings in the majority of loyalty and satisfaction categories. The study, conducted during Quarter 2 of 2000 by NPD New Media Services, a division of The NPD Group, measured consumer opinions and loyalty to leading search services, including AltaVista,, Ask Jeeves, Excite, GO Network, Google, GoTo, HotBot, iWon, Lycos, MSN, Netscape, WebCrawler and Yahoo!.

Google led all sites with 98 percent of users identifying Google as much or somewhat better than other sites; 97 percent of its users finding what they are searching for all or most of the time; and seven in 10 users choosing Google because it delivers the best search results. Among the 14 search and portal sites in the survey, Google placed first in the majority of loyalty and satisfaction categories. The clear choice of Google by Internet users, combined with Google's recent business and technology successes, is another milestone for the company, one of the fastest growing search engines in Web history.

"These results are yet another terrific validation of Google's business strategy," said Larry Page, CEO and co-founder of Google. "Our decision to focus solely on providing users with the best search experience has made us an indispensable tool for millions. We are building a successful company on this foundation."

Google was rated first in the following categories:

-- No. 1 Overall Opinion of Site: 97.4 percent of users rated

Google as excellent or very good.

-- No. 1 Site Recommended to a Friend: Google topped all sites

with 94 percent of its users indicating that they would

recommend Google to a friend.

-- No. 1 in Comparison vs. Other Sites: 98 percent...
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