Son by Yiyun Li

Topics: China, People's Republic of China, Confucianism Pages: 4 (1141 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Son, written by Yiyun Li.
Karolina Strömberg 10SPC

Han are an ethnic group native to East Asia. Han is the majority ethic group of the chinese population and by that one can think that maybe the name Han (in the story) was decided because he is not so different from others as he thinks he is.

That his mother will wait at the airport for him with a photo album that contains pictures of woman that he can marry.
A diamond bachelor has usually passed the optimum marriage years, but is much valued because he is successful in his career and has status in society. Many women desire such bachelors.
In this content filial duty (duty of a son)is for Han to marry a woman and having a son to make his mother and the chinese society satisfied although he is gay. A sacrifice he is not willing to make. Giving your parents a son is the “basic” filial duty.

He is not happy to have gotten a cross by his mother because he thinks that the church wants to sell expensive gifts to earn money. He does feel because of his homosexuality that he never can be a christian and therefor his bribe from his mother is making him uncomfortable.

Han's mother values her love towards her son strongly but does also value her belief. She does not mind being, in a way, led by someone else. Han on the other hand values that he “sees the world as it really is”. Han thinks that his mother is blind and just do what her “leader” wants her to do. Han wants to rule his life completely by himself while his mother sometimes let other rule her life a bit to much.

Karl Marx german philosopher he is a famous by being a revolutionary socialist. Han is implying that his mother is living in a fantasy dream and not in the “real” world.
The government has blocked such sites as Han usually visits.
The two different churches is a underground church and the state licensed church. The underground church is standing agains the communist...
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