Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

Topics: Mother, People's Republic of China, Yale Law School Pages: 2 (827 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Why Chinese Mothers are Superior
What is the best way to bring up a child, let them choose their own activities in school and after school, let them have play dates, play videogames and let them choose their way in life, and let learn that is okay to make mistakes like the western upbringing or the Chinese way, where you decide what’s best for the child, don’t give them any spare time and demands perfect grades, which way will create a happy child. Amy Chua has chosen the second upbringing for her children, and is defending the Chinese mothers in the article “Why Chinese mothers are superior”. “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” is an article, but it has some reflections from an essay, because the sender of the text tells stories from her own life, and she isn’t objective. The text is published in the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, January 8, 2011. The sender of the article is Amy Chua a Chinese mother who is married to an American man. She is a professor at Yale Law School, USA. The receivers of the article are the citizens of America who reads The Wall Street Journal and western parents who looks down on the Chinese upbringing of children. The occasion of the article is to defend the how the Chinese mothers are raising their children and their culture, because of the debate that Chinese mothers are superior. Some of the themes in the text are upbringing, education, rules, culture and the relation between a mother and child. The focus in the text is the differences between American and Chinese upbringing. The message of the text is that Chinese mothers are caring moms even though they are strict and don’t give their children any spare time, they just want the best for their children. They want them to succeed so they can have a good life in the future. The purpose of the article is to inform people why the Chinese parents are raising their children with so many rules and demands. The purpose is also to persuade people to not think badly about the...
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