Uncle Chuls Gets Rich

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Uncle Chul Gets Rich
In the short story, "Uncle Chul Gets Rich", written by CHANG-RAE LEE, the author tells us about the conflict between his uncle and the author’s mother. He describes uncle Chul as a fun guy and his mother as a critical woman, who keeps the Korean traditional views. When Uncle Chul gets rich, his views don’t change throughout the story. After he proved himself, he still looks for the mother’s approval. The mother doesn’t care about his success and still criticizes him. As uncle Chul becomes an adult his views stay the same, only his actions change. Even though uncle Chul reaches his goals he still look at himself as a failure in the eyes of the mother. Throughout the short story the author tells us about the uncle’s conflict with the mother, how his views changed and what his views are when he becomes an adult.

During the story, the author tells about the conflict between uncle Chul and the author’s mother. We are able to see, that their conflict comes from the cultures gap between them. In addition, we can see that Uncle Chul always look for the mother’s approval and respects her since he thinks that she is a fine woman. Uncle Chul always tries to be nice to the mother, “He would use the most decorous voice in asking for a glass or a fresh bucket of ice, and even offer to help load the dishwasher or errand to the store” (Lee, 25.) However, the mother’s side in the conflict with uncle Chul is different. She doesn’t respect him since he didn’t graduate from college and always looks for the easy way out. Moreover, she always criticizes him since he doesn’t look after his family who are in Korea. The fact that the mother asks rhetorically about his wasted past also points to her criticism. Furthermore, the mother doesn’t respect him since his actions contradicts her traditional views, therefore, she doesn’t want do give him the loan for the business he wants to open.

In my opinion, Uncle Chul does not change his views throughout the story,...
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