Should the Sale of Human Organs Be Legalized? Essay Example

Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Should the sale of human organs be legalized?
The sales of organs have always been the forefront of debate topics in America. When someone dies, his heirs own his body organs just as they own his other properties. These heirs can sell, give away or ignore these organs(Boudreaux, 2006). Some say you should be allowed to sell your organs because they are your property while others say you should not be allowed to because of morals. In America you are allowed to be an organ donor, which basically means you are allowed to donate your organs once you pass away but no other time before that. Over the past decade, the number of people waiting for life-saving organs has grown from 35,000 to 87,000, while the number of organ donors has remained flat(Berman, 2005). There is a huge black market full of organs and blood being sold each and every day. You are also allowed to donate blood here, and you will usually get things in return such as free movie tickets or t-shirts. Since these organs are your property, I believe you should be able to sell them. Organ donor has been marked on the licenses of those people who choose to be but that is only after death, not any time before. If this is true, you should be allowed to donate them before death. It is understood you have doubles of some organs and you can survive with only one, but if something happens to that one then you are stuck. But that is a decision the donor must be able to face. If you are able to donate an organ and still function and carry out a normal life while saving another life then there should be no problem. The problem is when people do this without being tested for various things like malfunctions and other diseases that could alter how well the organ performs. Yet, if the price is right and the seller willing, why not be allowed to sell a kidney? (Hall, 2002). This happens usually with people who haven’t been tested properly or organs that have been sold on the black market. Some people say this is...
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