screed for mr x
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Screed for Mr X
Now I can see that you are deeply relaxed,
As your body relaxes so does your mind, and because your mind is relaxed you are more responsive, more receptive to what I say.
All the useful and positive suggestions that I make will become embedded in your mind and will work with your subconscious.
Your powerful subconscious mind will accept these positive changes and they will become a part of you, helping you to make the right decisions, the right choices for you. Enjoy this deep sense of relaxation knowing that all the positive things I tell you will happen to you. You will let them happen because they will make your life easier, more enjoyable.
And the suggestions that are made today will continue on day after day and way into the future.
Now I want you to picture a whiteboard ….
On it are the labels you have been given in the past, the labels that have slowed you down and failed to reflect the wonderful, strong, and good qualities you have.
Now as you see those labels on the board, take an eraser and erase those labels from the board, just erase each one, wipe it away, it has no meaning for you, none at all and now the whiteboard is blank. Now you can take a marker and write the words that describe you. You write confident…..valuable….important….capable and skilled. Continue to write positive thoughts as you look at the board.
And now imagine yourself standing tall, talking to co-workers, proud and confident. Assured and protected in their warmth and understanding of you. You are certain of your abilities, your talents, and your appeal. Your conversations with others are easy. People see you as a good friend, worker, they see you as a good person. See yourself as a confident worthwhile person.
Just imagine projecting yourself in the most positive way, assertive and self-assured.
YOU will approach problems with these thoughts…’I CAN do it’, ‘I HAVE the energy’, ‘I AM the right person for the job’, ‘I CAN take charge’, ‘I CAN

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