Nail Biting Screed

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Nail Biting Screed
Take a nice deep breath, close your eyes and begin to relax...... Make yourself as comfortable as you can. Now I would like you take one deep breath and hold it. And just let go.....thats's good. As you concentrate on your breathing.....everyday noises will soon to disappear.....and the only thing of importance is the sound of my voice. Helping you to relax deeper and deeper.

Just allow yourself to relax totally.
You don't have to do anything.....You don't have to think.....You don't have to listen....You don't have to do anything in particularly.....Just allow yourself to enjoy that lovely gentle feeling. Allow the relaxation to go through your body.

I would like you to relax your eyes....Relax those little muscles around your eyes.....Focus on those tiny, tiny muscles..... And now allow that relaxation to spread ... from your eyes... down through your cheeks.... down your neck... Feel it going through your shoulders and your arms and down through your body and all the way down into your legs.... Allow that relaxation to through your body.

Feel the relaxation going through your the tips of your toes......Feel the relaxation. Allow yourself to enjoy that feeling....of total relaxation. Your mind and body are becoming one.....You are surrounded by peace.....enjoying this wonderful experience.....Drifting into your special place. In your special place.....You can feel the air flowing through your hair......Listening to the waves....feeling the sand between your toes. Beside you you will see a staircase....with a handrail.

You can find yourself at the top of that staircase.
You can imagine yourself beginning to go down those steps....because at the bottom there is a door... Behind the door is a wonderful thing...Just for you.
You can begin to go down those steps now ... and with every step you get more relaxed.... and deepen relaxed...Deeper into a trance. 10 going down...deeper relaxed
9 deeper still....
8 deeper...
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