Belonging - Creative Writing

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Creative Writing - Belonging
The clear, bright and enlightening blue skies greet my face as I ponder through my thoughts in my head. The sun blossoms it’s radiating sunlight, which glisten and reflect off the tranquil, wavy sea to reveal elements of a mystifying, inexplicable, yet convivial world. My heart beat pulsates through my ears… so silent and blissful this world of beggaring-description, words could not hope to utter moments like these. It was the idea of confronting, change and experience which led me to this endeavouring challenge of discovery. In preceding life,
“discovery” was but a mere artwork to me; its extravagant detail painted an image which took me to a new world of the unknown. Its colours merged and intertwined, creating infinite pathways for life to take me far beyond the norm.
But, it was just a painting.
Vibrant as the sky could ever be, inhabitants of birds and seagulls cluster amongst the sky’s surface to shadow various regions of radiation. Numerous shades of varying size, shape and darkness swam steadfast past my eyes, stimulating diverse light shades across the sea surface. I travel along a path to encounter countless fish as their scales unleash myriad hexagonal-structured reflections, capturing every single colour of the rainbow. I touch the water and an instant sensation crawled through my fingertips, as the water almost desiccated back down my finger, revealing wondrous ripples. The constant expansion and flow of ripples developed into motions of diffracting sunlight which followed a distinct pattern of iridescent white light. The sea so pure, its reflections illuminated my face with the pattern of the undulating water flow.
A flash before my eyes re-writes the memoirs of my past life - solitary and confined to the one passageway of safety and security. Ironic is it not? That such an introverted life could lead to the feeling of belonging to something ordinarily worthwhile, or to conduct a life of normality. I

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