Topics: Mental calculation, Abacus system, Human brain Pages: 8 (1422 words) Published: September 11, 2013

1. History of CMA and its founder (Master Tai Chiang Ching)
• Established in Taiwan in 1984 (over 26 years)
• Professional institution specializes in Dual Hand Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program for Overall Brain Development
• Founder of CMA “Dual-Hand, Four-Finger” Abacus technique • The curriculum we have tested and proved for more than two decades • Awarded the world’s Best Mental Arithmetic Trainer in 1991 • Director of the Association of Children’s Abacus Calculation in Taiwan • Authored more than 200 mental arithmetic books, VCDs, CDs and CD-ROMs • President of Yu-Ming Publishing Co Ltd, largest mental arithmetic book publisher in Taiwan

• CMA is a vibrant and highly credible organization committed to provide quality and cost-effective education • We have presence in more than 14 countries worldwide, namely Taiwan, China, Hongkong, India, Malaysia, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Egypt, Sudan, USA, Phillipine, Indonesia and continue to expand to new territories

2. What is so special about CMA?
• Program tested and proven for more than 20 years (since 1984) • Pioneer of ‘Two-hand, four-finger’ abacus system • Effective left and right brain development program
- Improve the accuracy and speed in calculating skills and logical reasoning - Build stronger memory power
- Promote longer concentration span
- Enhance imaging skills and photographic memory
- Create higher learning capability
- Increase the ability to understand and comprehend things - Have better sense of observation and visualization power - Sharpen sound judgment and hearing skills
- Building up self confidence and self esteem thru value learning • Ability-based program paced according to individual learning’s progress • All trainers certified by CMA Taiwan.

• World’s 1st multimedia method of teaching integrated with on-line learning • Awarded the Best Teaching Institute by the Chinese Children’s Abacus Association, Taiwan • Appraised by Taiwan ROC for the Association of Children’s Abacus Calculation as the most comprehensive system with the highest standard • International CMA Examinations

3. What is CMA’s Unique Teaching Methods?
• Ability-based training program paced according individual learning’s progress • Stimulation of different senses, transformation of number to visual & vice versa. • Comprehensive learning modules

• World’s 1st Abacus Mental Arithmetic Organization using multimedia teaching • method integrated with on-line learning

4. What is the difference between CMA and other abacus centres? • CMA is using the two-hand system that is faster than the old method, one-hand system and more accurate. • Traditional mathematical education uses the left brain. However, CMA’s “image abacus” training ropes in the creative right brain in creating a visual of the abacus while utilizing the logic left brain to manipulate the virtual abacus. • CMA’s approach does not focus on calculation only. We focus on the concept of “Total Brain Development” and emphasize on multi-sensory brain development. • It includes speed training, response training, dual hand training, listen and count training, and see and count training. • CMA is the first abacus learning institute in the world that introduces multi-media and online learning for eg. Internet teaching aid, CD exercises and internet homework. With these, we provide additional platform for students not only to study and exercise during the classroom but also to have fun learning in mental arithmetic from their home at their comforts. • CMA is a professional mental arithmetic educational organization. It has primary, adult and also teachers’ training courses. • CMA has its own set of syllabus, more than 200 different types of books, and many other mental arithmetic...
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