Medical Assisting

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meTamara Stanger
Unit 1
Seminar Option 2

*Discuss the reasons you considered when choosing the medical assisting and/or medical office management profession other than financial compensation. Include a minimum of three reasons with explanations.

First I decided on on-line schooling. I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field. But I also needed the on-line route because of my children, especially the boys as they are disabled, and because of my daycare I run from my home. Once I decided on Kaplan because of the flexibility of most classes and the great reviews I read, I went about deciding on exactly which area I wanted to go into, with the help of my Kaplan advisor. I really like helping people and making their lives better. So the medical field seems a perfect fit. I also want to be home with my children as much as possible, and the jobs I found out there for medical assistants have good hours. I want to try to work at a pediatric office, and the hours there are real good. With my boy’s muscular dystrophy, I have always done lots of research, and looking up terms I didn’t understand to get a good grip on what was being said to me by their doctors, and a better understanding of the diagnosis itself. So at that point I knew it was something I really wanted to do. I plan on eventually going back to school and furthering my education onto nursing or a more specialized field.

*Discuss the difference between a CMA and an RMA, giving specific examples.

CMA is a certified medical assistant. A CMA is certified by the certifying board of the AAMA. RMA is a registered medical assistant. A RMA is registered through a test by the AMT. As far as I can tell they are pretty much the same. Although I read through a lot of sites that recommended taking them both. It does look like the RMA/s can do more than just a CMA. I plan on taking both.
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