retail merchandising

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Retail merchandising is the process used in order to conduct retail sales. As part of the process, the merchandiser pays close attention to the types of products offered for sale, how to best present those products to consumers, and determining what is a reasonable retail price for each unit sold. While retailers have traditionally engaged in the task of retail merchandising in a physical location, the Internet has now made it possible to apply these same basic principles in a virtual setting.
The first important step in retail merchandising is establishing working relationships with manufacturers who will provide the goods or services that are ultimately sold by the retailer. This type of retail buying involves determining what products will be carried in the retail establishment, negotiating the unit price that will be charged by the manufacturer, and arranging for the delivery of those goods. Depending on the number of units the retailer can afford to purchase at a given time, it may be relatively easy to obtain a discounted unit price, making it easier for the retailer to be competitive in the local marketplace.
Once the goods are secured, the retailer must determine the unit price that he or she will assign to the products. In all cases, this retail price will be higher than the cost of purchasing the goods from the supplier. It is this difference between the wholesale price and the retail price that allows the retailer to make a profit and remain in business. Some retailers follow a formula of setting the retail price at a fixed percentage above the acquisition price, while others base the retail pricing on factors such as the desirability of the items and the amount of competition from other retailers in the immediate area.
After setting the retail pricing, the process of retail merchandising moves on to the task known as setup and display. This process is concerned with displaying the goods within the retail setting to best advantage. By using such

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