Visual Merchandising in Retail

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Visual Merchandising in Retail

For this assignment I have been asked to describe how visual merchandising is applied to the three selected retail outlets to an identified range of goods.

Store one-Tesco

Merchandising techniques
In Tesco the merchandising techniques they use are:
-Senses. A supermarket like Tesco would use this technique to try and bring more customers into the store by using smell, sight, sound and taste. They would play music to try and attract people into the store, and they would also have staff at the front of the store offering free samples to customers to try to try and persuade them to buy the product. They would use lighting for an example for sight as it would draw customers to come into the store to view the products. Stores like Tesco or ASDA usually have a deli counter at the back of the store to make the customers walk through all of the isles to get to the back of the store so they would have to look at all the other products on their way to the back of the store.

-grid layout;-They would use this technique because this structure offers less, encourages customers to search for items on their own, and will make them have to walk past all the other products, so their more likely to pick something else up on their way around the store.

Lighting: - they use lighting as one of their techniques as it attracts customers to the product that is being lit. It also attracts customers as it draws them as the product and makes it looks more expensive. They use this technique on costume jewellery because it will draw the customer to it. They will also use lighting on the window displays as it draws the customer to look at the items, can also use another technique which is grouping products. They do this because they will make a whole outfit which will make the customer want to buy the whole outfit as they will be able to see what it all looks like together.

-Product placement: - They use this as one of their techniques by placing complimentary items together or essential items together. For placing complimentary items together they will put things like strawberries and cream together.

Another technique Tesco would use is placing cheaper items on the bottom shelves, and places the more expensive at eye level, they do this because people tend to not want to bend down and pick up the cheaper items. Another reason they do this is because if it is at eye level it would be the first thing they see.

Another technique they use is impulse. They use this technique by putting things like chocolate and chewing gums and sweets at tills and at the end of isle near the tills. They do this so when the customers are queuing at the tills they will see them and will often pick them up even though they are not initially coming in the store to specifically to buy that product.

Pop up displays also encourage customers to buy items. They are usually placed at the end of isles, so when people walk past they may see things that they may want. They are usually priced cheap so people will not think about it when they pick it up.

Planogram- Product placement and improved sales are two reasons a retailer would use planograms in their shops. Planograms provide many positive benefits, such as: • Selling potential to every square foot of space

•Satisfying customers with a better visual appeal
•Tighter inventory control and reduction of out-of-stocks
•Easier product replenishment for staff
•Better related product positioning
•Effective communication tool for staff-produced displays

Themes:-they will use themes to showcase their merchandise and to help attract potential customers. Different stores will use different themes depending on what they sell, and what time of year it is. Different types of stores will also be restricted on space. It will also depend on what type of store it is. For example, a Tesco express would not use this...
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