Progressive Insurance Case Study

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Progressive Insurance

Assignment question:

1. What is Progressive’s business?
a. .To provide vehicles owners with security and protection : insurance coverage b. .Damages compensation
c. .Quick claims service
d. .Immediate response vehicles : inspect of the scene of an accident, estimate, claim and print checks

2. What is critical to the success of the business?
a. Quality of the service: quick payment of the claims Claims processing, timeliness of response b. .Direct link between adjusters and clients
c. .Vehicle fully equipped to take care of an accident scene d. .Presence of a fleet of vehicles next to dangerous intersections e. .Data management

Risk factors and Cost of repairs are processed by an underwriter who determines the premium to pay. This is based on the Law of Large Number (probability).

Accident, IRV comes (with radio, call and GPS). The agent asks the customer ID. It goes to the claim systems in Data center, which is connected to the policy system. The customer information is sent to the agent. The agent tries to find out what happened: takes pictures which go to the data center. Same with police report. Claims processing center takes all the information: tells how much is due. Sends the information to the agent. The check is printed.

3. How does Progressive’s use of hardware contribute to these success factors?

|Critical Success Factor |Type of Hardware |Contributions | |Quality of the service: quick |Laptop |.laptops enable to send and to collect data about the client, to| |payment of the claims |Printers |identify its account on site | | | |.printers enable to issue estimates, claims and checks on site | |Direct link between...
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