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Businesses that are well known for providing superb customer service have several characteristics in common:

they understand what customer service really means
they understand their customers and aim to fulfil their needs in every way every single person in the organisation wants to achieve this aim

Customer service is the customer's complete experience, from the second they enter a business or view a website, to the after-sales service, such as spare parts or repairs. Superb customer service means providing services that customers did not even know they wanted, but are delighted to find are provided.

Identifying Customer Needs

Effective customer service involves satisfying customer needs, so the first step is to find out what these are. All customers contact a business because they want something. Businesses use several methods to identify the needs of their customers quickly. E.g. restaurants, supermarkets, Argos, Thomas Cook

how do you think Chelsea FC identify the needs of their customers?

Common customer needs:

Make a purchase
Order a product or service
Obtain information
Ask for advice
Enquire about an order
Change an order
Report a problem
Ask for assistance or help
Return or exchange goods



Presentation Skills

What do other people see when you approach them? Someone who looks smart and professional, or someone who looks like they fell out of bed 10 minutes ago? Presentation skills have nothing to do with good looks, but everything to do with a welcoming smile, appropriate clothes and a smart appearance.

Personal presentation - uniforms, guides on hairstyles, jewellery, discrimination Body language - posture, facial expressions, gestures
working environment - tidy work area, cooperation and politeness towards staff

Interpersonal Skills
These relate to your attitude and behaviour towards other people. 

Attitude - Be positive, leave problems behind
Behaviour - Courteous,...
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