observation requierments

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Observation Requirements
Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3
Unit 4
1.2 Ask for constructive feedback from colleagues.
Witness Testimony from teacher. mentor or TA during visit I shall talk to your teacher/TA about the following. 4.1 Support the purpose and objectives of the team.
4.2 Carry out own role and responsibilities within the team
4.3 Communicate clearly with team members and others making sure they have the information they need. 4.4 Interact with others in a way that supports good team work. Unit 5
1.1 Communicate with children in an appropriate way.
1.2 Actively listen to children and value what they say
1.3 Check that children have understood.
2.1 Demonstrate rapport and respectful relationships with children 2.2 Give attention to individuals and groups.
2.3 Demonstrate supportive and positive responses to children’s questions ideas etc. 2.4 Give children reasons for actions.
2.5 Encourage children to make choices.

3.1 Support children to communicate with others.
3.2 Encourage children to understand individuality.
3.3 Help children to understand other’s points of view.
3.4 Support children and young people to develop group agreements about the way they interact with others. ( You may be asked to give examples of this if it doesn’t occur during observation ) 3.5 Demonstrate ways for children to deal with conflict for themselves. ( You may be asked how you would promote this if it doesn’t occur during observation ) Unit 6

Unit 7
2.1 Demonstrate how to identify potential hazards to health and safety of children. 2.2 Demonstrate how to deal with hazards so that risk is minimised. 2.3 Demonstrate how you help children to take responsibility for their health and safety. 3.2 Demonstrate ways to support children in assessing their own risk. Section 4 deals with responding to emergencies and this may well form part of a discussion with your tutor. You need to be able to show the accident book, where the first aid box is, what the procedure for informing about an incident is, particular procedures for head injuries and know who the chief first aider is in your school. Unit 8

2.2 Apply skills and techniques for encouraging positive behaviour. 2.3 Demonstrate consistent and supportive responses to children’s behaviour. 2.4 Provide an effective role model.
3.1 Apply strategies for dealing with inappropriate behaviour

Unit 9
This unit develops learners’ understanding of the ways in which their knowledge and understanding can impact on the teaching and learning process and helps them to identify how they can improve their current capabilities. This is the crucial element of your role and requires you to develop over your course and within your school a role that enables you to walk into a job having the experience needed to perform at Level 2. See Unit content.

All of this unit.
1 Be able to support the
teacher in planning learning
1.1 Describe how a learning support practitioner
may contribute to the planning, delivery and
review of learning activities ( you may show this through documentation to support and your teacher may be asked to comment during our discussion on how you have become involved in this aspect )

1.2 Identify own strengths and weaknesses in
relation to supporting learning activities and
how these may impact on the support that
can be provided

1.3 Use own knowledge of the learners and the
curriculum to contribute to the teacher’s

1.4 Identify and obtain the information required
to support learning activities

1.5 Identify and agree with the teacher the
opportunities for using information and
communication technology to support

2 Be able to prepare for
learning activities

2.1 Select and prepare the resources required
for planned learning activities

2.2 Adapt resources as directed by the teacher
to meet the needs of learners

2.3 Ensure the learning environment...
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