Professional Values for the Bsn Nurse

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Virtue Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Professional Values for the BSN Nurse
Theresa Andrews-Robinson
May, 21, 2012
Barb Juarez, MSN, RN

Professional Values for the BSN Nurse

Define: | Identify how nurses demonstrate this value.| Discuss how you demonstrate this value.| Altruism-Altruism is described as the “unselfish attention to the needs of others. It has also been defined as “sacrifice as a benefit for others” (Haigh, 2010).| Nurses demonstrate this value by reflecting a caring attitude at all times, providing care and attention in a selfless way, and keeping a good attitude. Nurses are dedicated to the well-being of their patients while being compassionate and empathetic to their patients.| I demonstrate this value by taking time to make sure my patients are comfortable and as stress free as possible, by making sure that they are kept informed about their condition and assist my patients with every personal need while they are in my care. | Autonomy-The definition of autonomy is “having the authority to make decisions and the freedom to act in accordance with one’s professional knowledge base” (Skar, 2010).| In order for a nurse to practice autonomy, he or she must have the ability to make independent choices. They must also demonstrate good clinical judgment and decision making skills and be confident in whatever choices he or she makes.| I demonstrate autonomy by making sound clinical judgments based on the knowledge I have obtained in my education and being confident in those judgments. Also by taking responsibility of any choices I make as an advocate for my patients.| Human Dignity-Human dignity is defined as “the state or quality of a person being worthy of honor and respect” (Clark, 2010). | Nurses maintain human dignity in patient care by always giving respect and ensuring the protection of their patient’s privacy. Also by treating all patients equally, providing emotional support and helping to maintain their body image (Lin & Tsai, 2011).| I maintain...

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