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In health and social care there are four ethic principles :- Justice
The principles were put in place for patients and doctors to make sure that there is respect from both parties, so that whilst a patient is in hospital they can make their own decisions about their bodies and what treatment they want to receive, even if the doctor doesn't recommend the treatment they will have to respect the patients decision the only way they can say they can't do it is if it would cause more harm than good. The first principle is justice this demands that you should try to be as fair as possible when offering treatments to patients and allocating scarce medical resources. You should be able to justify your actions in every situation. Autonomy lets people have the right to control what happens to their bodies. This principle simply means that an informed, competent adult patient can refuse or accept treatments, drugs, and surgeries according to their wishes. People have the right to control what happens to their bodies because they are free and rational. And these decisions must be respected by everyone, even if those decisions aren’t in the best interest of the patient. Beneficence means that all healthcare providers must strive to improve their patient’s health, to do the most good for the patient in every situation. But what is good for one patient may not be good for another, so each situation should be considered individually. And other values that might conflict with beneficence may need to be considered. Finally non-maleficence means “do no harm” is the bedrock of medical ethics. In every situation, healthcare providers should avoid causing harm to their patients. You should also be aware of the doctrine of double effect, where a treatment intended for good unintentionally causes harm. This doctrine helps you make difficult decisions about whether actions with double effects can be undertaken.1 One way anti discriminatory...
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