Roles and Values of Nursing

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Roles and Values of Nursing
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Roles and Values of Nursing
This paper is a comparison of the views of a BSN staff nurse and a BSN clinical administrator on various aspects of nursing roles and how they contribute to my professional development. Both of the nurses that I interviewed had obtained a BSN and worked in a hospital owned orthopedic and spine medical group. There were commonalities in several of their answers related to patient care but differences related to their roles Interview #1

The first nurse that I interviewed was a staff nurse in a physician’s office within a hospital organization. She had obtained a BSN and has worked as a staff nurse for 5 years. I submitted my notes on her responses to the questions in a standalone document. Interview #2

The second nurse that I interviewed was a clinical administrator in a physician’s office within a hospital organization. She had obtained a BSN and additional leadership training and has worked as a nurse for approximately 20 years. I submitted my notes on her responses to the questions in a standalone document. Comparison

How would you describe your role in your current position and your educational preparation for this role? The main role that the staff nurse and the clinical administrator both listed was delivering quality care to the patients and striving for patient satisfaction. Both nurses were also responsible for managing some type of schedule. The staff nurse was more focused on the day-to-day clinical tasks and education of the patient. The clinical administrator had additional responsibilities related to finances and growth. While both nurses graduated with a BSN, the clinical administrator had additional training in operational management, budgetary accountability and human resources issues that helped prepare her for her role. How would you explain the unique contributions you as a nurse bring to an interdisciplinary team? Both nurses felt that they were resourceful and patient advocates but described this in different ways. The staff nurse focused more on the interaction with the physician and patient while the clinical administrator identified more oversight tasks. She concentrated on workflow processes and daily operations to provide more insight to the issue or patient being discussed. How would you describe the unique role of your specialty in promoting quality outcomes for patients? Both nurses felt that education was a nursing role that affected the outcomes for the patients. The staff nurse discusses having an ongoing relationship with the patient throughout the course of their treatment. By using her clinical skills to assess and treat the patient, as well as educate the patient and their family, she identifies and reacts quickly to problems which results in favorable outcomes. The clinical administrator focuses on evidenced based care and constantly evaluates outcomes, revises processes and educates the staff on changes that need to be made. This requires ongoing continuing education to remain current on clinical developments as well as regulatory issues. How has nursing research improved or changed a particular aspect of patient care in your specialty area? The two nurses were very different in their responses to this question. The staff nurse focused on new clinical techniques developed and the clinical administrator focused on results of patient surveys for patient satisfaction. How do you facilitate patient-centered care in your practice? Both nurses identified patient satisfaction and communication as an important component in patient-centered care. The staff nurse spoke specifically to providing non-rushed interactions while the clinical administrator focused on facilitating services expeditiously. How is cost containment addressed in your specialty area? Appropriate staffing and use of supplies was discussed by both nurses as key elements in cost containment....
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