Physics Abc Book

Topics: Energy, Quantum mechanics, Electron Pages: 3 (471 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Physics ABC Book
By- Alexis Vellis 2nd period 10/14/12

The basic building blocks of all matter. Atoms are microscopic, meaning you cannot see them without a microscope.

Black Hole
A Black hole is a place in space where the gravity is so strong that nothing can escape it pull.

A type of particle accelerator that was created first in the 1930’s. It was made of two Dshaped cavities in a constant magnetic field.

Dark Matter
A form of matter that is not like ordinary matter and is not described by the standard model.

Electron Accelerator
A particle accelerator that is designed to speed up electrons.

A set of quantum numbers that identify the type of particle it is.

Gravity is the force that pulls on us at all times. Without gravity we would fly off the Earth.

A unit of frequency.

An atom that has an electrical charge that is not equal to zero.

a highly directed spray of particles produced and detected in a collider experiment.

Kinetic Energy
The amount of energy an object due to its motion.

The distance that light travels at the same speed for a year.

Unlike microscopic objects these can be seen without the aid of a microscope.

N-body Simulation
A computer simulation that uses large numbers of particles that interact according to basic physical laws.

Open String
Has two distinct ends. An open string can have one end attached to another object like a brain, and the two ends of an open string can connect to form to from closed sting.

Potential Energy
Stored energy.

The smallest amount of light energy, or a basic unit of measure.

The process in which energy is sent out as particles or waves.

When a solid, liquid, or a gas is mixed evenly(homogeneously) without causing a chemical change.

Torsion Pendulum
Unlike a Conventional Pendulum a Torsion pendulum rotates. It has a mass held...
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