Personal Reflection About My Education Essay Example

Pages: 2 (555 words) Published: February 22, 2011
To whom it may Concern:

Personal Reflection

The UAT community is passionate about technology. In 250 words or less, elaborate on how you characterize your own passion for Technology. It's hard for me to say in 15 lines or less, equal to a paragraph and ½ on how I view myself learning about technology and where it has taken us as humans, Information Technology has changed since the 1st computer came out. Now in the 21st century there are computers small enough to fit in the palm of our hands, txting, to email, to chatting live with Fam/Friends nationwide to globally. I learned about computers when I got out of High School, barely learning how to type leaving High School. Work Study my boss put me on a keyboarding program 1st two (2) hrs of the morning until I accomplished his goal of what wpm were to me.

After I finished my first semester of College learning computers, I knew that's what I wanted to get in to. I learned about computers, networking, and then wireless, and that's where it went from there. I have a desire to Learn. I may not have the best GPA to show it. But to earn what it takes to be in School, to have that first job on what I do the best. I enjoy learning, my Passion is the Learn. Computers, Criminal Justice, Network Security, those are my 4 main areas of computers I enjoy learning about. What I have been through in the past, I have a burning desire to fulfill my ambition to continue my Education as being my #1 Top Priority of doing my best in Succeeding in what I do best.

I am hoping that I will pursue my Ambitions, fulfill my Promise I have made to My Mother in staying in School, and to doing my Best. I haven't fulfilled my Purpose in life yet. But when I use my free time reading, and doing the things I enjoy, there is nothing more exciting than that. I may not have the things I need to pay for the Tuition at a Private University, or top College/University, but having the desire and the eager to return to College/School. We all...
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