Financial Aid Appeal

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To Financial Aid Committee:

My name is . My major is blah. 2009-2010

First year of college was very challenging to me yet I was still wasn't ready for the courses that I chose. My goal was to obtain an a degree maybe, i haven't decided yet, and then i wanted to transfer to a 4 year institute to obtain a B.A Degree. My educational goal was to be majoring in an unknown field to many.

In Fall 2009 I chose courses I have since realized were too difficult for a first-time student and I became overwhelmed. Having had no prior experience with college-level life, courses, and exams. I was not sure what to expect and learned that my study techniques lacking, resulting in poor grades. I also failed to attend the review sessions, did not seek assistance from my professor or tutoring help, and as a result I failed my courses.

Due to these circumstances I have been rendered ineligible to receive financial aid. Without financial aid I will be unable to continue my education because I cannot afford the cost of supplies, fees, transportation, and personal expenses. Receiving financial aid will allow me more time to study properly. Without it, I will be forced to take time away from my studies in order to work. My academics are my first priority now and I realize I need to devote all of my time to them in order to be successful in the future

I recently evaluated my plans to improve my academic. I have determined the following points to be the keys to my educational success.

1. I will balance the course choices better.
2. I will manage my time wisely on academics.
3. I will seek assistance with my coursework when I have difficulties. 4. I will maintain communication with my professors on a regular basis to ensure success in my courses 5. Complete classes C or better.

I understand the expectation better now and I am doing well in my coursework this semester with currently all passing grades. I have made a huge improvement and I am determined to pass every...
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