Personal Financial Plan

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My name is Marva Jervier and I’m seventeen years old. My central goal in life is to succeed at school and obtain a sound education in order to build a firm foundation for my future. An individual’s job/career is dependent on the skills and knowledge they received at earlier stages of their life. In secondary school my strong point was business subjects, namely, Principles Of Business and Principles Of Accounts and consequently, I inspire to have a career in this field of work. In fourth form, after conducting lots of research I found interest in corporate law. Currently I am pursuing my associate’s degree in Business administration at the Dominica State College in which I’m expecting to complete in December of this year.

Financial Goal

Throughout my life my main source of monitory funding was my parents. For the past ten years I’ve been receiving a monthly allowance of hundred dollars. Generally it is spent on hair, clothing, shoes and make-up or I may save for future use. Currently I am employed part-time at a salon which also aids in the funding of my needs and wants. There are many different elements in which money is being spent on my behalf. The most important one being school, approximately six hundred and fifty dollars per semester and daily fees of twenty dollars for food and transportation. Also I suffer from a medical condition, and so, regular doctor visits and medical tests have to be paid for.

After completing college and attaining my associate’s degree, I wish to pursue my bachelor’s degree in corporate law. The cost associated with the bachelor’s degree is approximately twenty nine to thirty thousand dollars. As mentioned in my introduction, I did Business subjects at secondary school. At some point, as much as I was interested in gynecology, I came to my realization that science was not my line of interest, hence my curiosity for corporate law. Corporate law also known as company/business law is the study of how...
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